Social Network

Finally, a social network that works for you, not against you.

Share the Real

Unlike other social networks where people just share a very curated (and often staged!) highlight reel of their life, Next Habit is all about sharing your real journey. It's about showing up every day and sharing your progress with the world. It's about being real, not being fake. It’s about the authentic journey, the shared struggles, and triumphs.

Real Stories, Real Inspiration

Dive into a feed of real-life stories from friends, mentors, and influential people from across the globe. Whether it's a snapshot of a home-cooked meal or a morning run, every share is a window into the real experiences that shape our lives.

Celebrate Every Milestone

Every victory, big or small, deserves recognition. Celebrate your best creations, like Jamie Carter’s delightful dinner, and draw inspiration from the collective achievements within the Next Habit community.

Engage with Genuine Support

It's not just about likes and comments—it's the genuine support that counts. Encouraging words from Lily O'Donnell and playful banter with Steven Cervin exemplify the warm, supportive environment that Next Habit fosters.

Be Inspired by the World Around You

Our network extends worldwide, allowing you to witness and be motivated by the daily successes of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. This global perspective enriches your own journey, adding depth to your daily motivation.

Share Your Story

Next Habit is your platform to share your own narrative. Document your progress, the meals you cook, the habits you nurture, and watch as the community rallies around your journey.

Join a Community That Cares

More than just an app, Next Habit is a movement towards a more connected and empathetic world. Your journey to self-improvement is now part of a bigger picture—a tapestry of stories from people all striving for better, just like you.